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How you start your work day empowers your productivity.

See at a glace what you missed, tasks ahead of you, and any upcoming meetings.

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Files Storage
Files Storage
Your cloud drive

Organize your files and resources on your personal cloud drive.

With built-in search you can locate your work in a breeze.

Securely share files and folders with colleagues and customers.

Documents Editor
Edit online

Armed with the best online editor on the planet, you can work on documents collobaritvely.

Documents are secured on the server and cannot be copied when you share with customers or partners.

Email Client
Stay in Touch

OneOffice comes with secured email server with best-in-class encryption.

View your emails online with our optimized email viewer or on your mobile device on the go.

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Weekly Calendar
Get Organized!

The most effective team players need the most efficient calendar to stay on top!

With smart notification and email reminders your attendees will never forget to join.

Automatically create video calls to keep track of all communication.

OneOffice Deck
Kanban style projects

Who said projects need to be complex? With Kanban cards & lists your productivity will shoot way up!

Attach documents or video calls / chats to your projects for real-time collaboration.

Automated notifications will keep you on track on due dates and deliverables.

OneOffice Meet
Secure Video & Chats

Video / Audio calls and chats are the backbone of modern team communication. With OneOffice all your communications go through your own server for max security.

Whether you have an ad-hoc meeting or weekly ones, your communications are documented and stored for easy access.

On the go? Our mobile call app with ring when someone tries to reach you.

Mobile Apps
Mobile First
Take your office on the go

Our web apps are optimized for all devices and screen sizes.

On the go? Our user-friendly mobile apps send you notifications of latest events. The Meet app rings whenever a meeting starts or someone is trying to reach you.

Upload, download or edit files, anywhere and anytime -- even on the plane.

OneOffice ERP
Modern Resource Planning

Many of the existing legacy ERPs were built with archaic technologies, translating into upgrade headaches and costs, and lengthy employee training.

With OneOffice ERP you hit the ground running with all modules in one go: Accounting, CRM, Payroll, Selling, Projects, Services etc.

Your company will be more efficient, data will be visible real-time and business decisions will be well-grounded.

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