OneOffice is the secure solution to manage your work

Share your files, work with documents and get notified when work gets done


Edit your documents right in your browser

Edit and collaborate on your Word, Excel, PPT and Visio docs live!


Secure Video / Audio Calls

Call your colleagues or teams securely on their PC or smartphones


Secure Emails

State of the art Email service with cyberprotection built-in


Email, Calendar and Contacts

All your groupware apps working seamlessly to make you more productive


Start your day on the right foot

See your whole day at a glance, upcoming deadlines and any important notifications!


The smartest yet easiest ERP on the planet!

Streamline your operations, accounting, HR, sales etc. and everything in between

It's All There

OneOffice brings together all the tools companies need in one easy-to-use application.

Secure. Simple. Cost-Effective.

Security First

How do large companies and governments secure their data? Simple, they don't share

OneOffice was painstakingly built to put security first, by bundling all the tools you need on your own server on Huawei Cloud. Once exclusive to large IT teams, OneOffice is now making security and privacy accessible to all!

Isolation.  Encryption.  Server-side editing.


OneOffice comes with all the applications your organization needs
No third-party licenses ever again

... no more integrations, single signon, upgrades, patches, new servers etc.

Start your OneOffice now

Catapult your digital office! It's only 10 mins away

For Mobile-teams


OneOffice is a full suite with built-in video calls, editors, collaboration, emails, calendars, chats, projects etc.

Our mobile apps were specifically designed to make sure you don't miss a beat!


Collaboration & teamwork are integrated in ... everything!

Attach documents in chats & calls, link tasks automatically to your calendar, securely share with customers ...

Comment on anything and get notified as soon as someone mentions @you so you are always in the know!

Hybrid Cloud

For mission-critical applications local mirror servers achieve zero down-time

All your data is sync-ed real-time, including documents, metadata, chats, calendars etc.

Still on the fence?

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