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Here is an honest comparison of the most important features for SME's and most large organizations. We focus on the features that most companies need, don't hesitate to reach out if you have specific questions. You can also consult our Features and FAQs for more details.

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OneOfficeMS 365G-Suite
Features & Benefits
Single location
Quick page load
Ease of use
File drop
Word, Excel, PowerPoint support
View / Export PDF
Tasks & basic project management
Calendar & Contacts
Video conference
Video conference recording
Security & Control
On-premises hosting
Hybrid hosting
Audit trail
Block download
Server-side encryption
End-to-End encryption
File access control
Email Spam filtering
Automated flows
Block external sharing
Timed external sharing
Email server
Suspicious logins detection
Brute-force detection
Two factor Authentication (2FA)
LDAP / ActiveDirectory
Custom OAuth
Storage Locations[Including on-premises hosting]
Local (NFS / FS)
Network / Samba
Object (S3 / SWIFT)

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