Business Continuity During Lock-down

By Ramez Rafla
January 16, 2022


The (on-going) Covid pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of many business infrastructures. Video call providers saw their sales grow exponentially.

Sadly, the explosion of Zoom as the #1 collaboration tool reflects our immaturity as a business community when it comes to remote work.

Seriously? A video call solution is all we need to run our business remotely?

What about collaboration, sharing, version control of our documents. Do we snap pictures of our work with a smartphone and send them to the team by email?

Collaboration anyone?

Collaboration in the digital era means we are planning, working, sharing, communicating online.

Zoom only covers communication, and just partly (do you have a digital trail of your notes). Believe it or not, it is the least effective form of team work.

It's like just popping into someone's cubicle to ask for a document, and have them email it to us. Why not message them in the project chat? In fact, why do we even need to ask for the document, it should already be shared with us in a project folder.

How hard can it be?

That's the question we set out our whole organization to solve. It turns out .. it's harder than it should be.

Here are the reasons given when we informally asked about doing work digitally:

  1. Need to train our people on new tools -- especially non-digital user
  2. Too costly -- license fees, IT migration, new servers etc.
  3. Need to change our processes -- we love how we do things right now, it may not be the most efficient, but it works.
  4. Data security -- how can I be sure my data is not compromised?
  5. What if my internet at work goes down?

A partial answer

We have more complete and detailed answers, but for this post, let's focus on the key ones.

Training / Process

The ideal solution needs to blend in with the way you do things. We at OneOffice have done just that!

Those business leaders are right! Many of the current solutions require training and changing processes that were crafted with time.


What if we told you your cost of technology ownership will actually go down?

  1. 'All-in' licensing at a low-rate (Plans)
  2. Cloud-only or cost-effective local servers which are updated automatically
  3. Reduced IT costs integrating and maintaining (both in resources and hardware)
  4. Reduced cloud costs thanks to Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud has revolutionized the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) space with best-in-class service and high-end hardware. Did you know they started making their own processors? Great news for all of us to keep our IT costs in check.

The rest ...

The other reasons, such as internet going down (Hybrid Cloud) or data privacy (Security) have been addressed at great lengths elsewhere.

Why not schedule a 5 min demo with a friendly solution expert? Maybe you'll be convinced there is a better way of doing things

... or maybe you won't be, but at least you won't be wondering anymore. Nothing worse for a business than uncertainty.

Ramez Rafla
Ramez Rafla is the CEO and founder of OneOffice. Having completed a B.Eng, M.Eng as well as an MBA, he considers himself a lifelong learner. When he is not causing too much trouble in the company, he enjoys spending time with his wife and playing with his three kids

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