By Jack Forster
May 23, 2022


Emails are at the heart of any organization's formal communication with partners, suppliers and everyone in between.

We admit it, we thought the email web app would be sufficient. We carefully designed and optimized it to run like a native mail client. It turns out we were wrong. People still want a full-fledged email app on their desktops.

Well .. we heard you loud and clear and set out to get you the best email client ever.

I hate to admit it, but most of us are now using it instead of webmail.

Optimized for Laptops

Anyone using laptops on the go knows rather well that you can't keep Outlook running without quickly draining your battery.

We built OneOfficeMail with a smart background sync, fully separate from the user interface.

  1. Your user interface does not freeze during email sync, so you can keep working
  2. Even during startup when lots of emails are being downloaded, you won't feel any degradation
  3. We can slow down the sync when you are running on battery power
  4. Email threads are grouped and optimized in the background as well
  5. Your contacts are parsed and stored for you so you can type your emails faster
  6. Emails are automatically indexed so they are searchable offline

Simple to Setup

Remember those complex screens where you have to enter servers, ports, protocols etc. You don't need that for your OneOffice email.

Just enter your email and the app automatically fetches all your information. Two seconds later, the application is sync-ing and optimizing your emails.

You can even add other emails, such as Gmail, Yahoo or Live. Mail settings for common email services are baked in!

OneOfficeMail was designed so you can install it without administrator privileges. It saves your data in your local store on your desktop.

Beautiful User Interface

Non-techies will love it! No more complex menus and buttons. 99% of your work is done live in the UI in front of you.

Your contacts are dynamically replaced for you as you type your recipients, even if you last communicated ten years ago!

Smart tooltips will hold your hands as you get to work; no one has time for half a day of training on how to use email.

Looking for something? Super fast search, as all emails are indexed in a solid database engine. No more long calls to the mail server to find that important invoice. Use simple keywords, and find what you need in a jiffy!

But best of all, you can work fully offline and sync your emails when your network is back up.

The Rest ...

There is so much we can say about OneOfficeMail ... why don't you just go ahead and install it and see for yourself. You won't believe what you were missing.

Everything we do focuses on customer experience. OneOfficeMail is no different!

Jack Forster
Jack Forster is the content marketing specialist at OneOffice. He is passionate about projects that can change the world. When he’s not creating or volunteering, you can find him bbq-ing in his backyard, watching movies with the family, eating up delicious treats, or spending quality time playing poker with his friends.

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